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  • Wow, my shoulder works again and my neck doesn’t hurt!! I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Kyle. I have looked for help with my shoulder and neck pain for years and he is the only person that has helped. This is not your typical chiropractor, it’s not just crack your neck and see you later. He actually addresses the underlying causes of your pain and dysfunction and corrects those problems. I went from chronic neck pain and headaches, with a shoulder that functioned at 50% to zero pain, no headaches, and regaining shoulder strength and function. I am 42 and I am back to playing hockey against people half my age.

    Kevin Erickson Avatar Kevin Erickson
    March 30, 2022

    Dr. Kyle is extremely helpful, wonderful, and knowledgeable. I ride multiple horses 4-6 days a week and have previous riding injuries, as well as past foot surgeries. For me every ride is different. Due to the unpredictability of the rides, I needed a chiropractor who was able to cater to those different rides. No session is the same and that is what I love. I am able to be a better, stronger rider because of him. The most amazing thing about Dr. Kyle is that he truly cares about his patients. He had not treated many horseback riders and genuinely took an interest in my sport. He asked to see pictures and videos of me riding so he could better understand what my body goes through on a daily basis. I was blown away by his attention to detail, he even created exercises that mimicked riding positions. I would recommend Dr. Kyle and Inertia Health Center to anyone I know. Wonderful facility, and an even better staff.

    Kristie Hohol Avatar Kristie Hohol
    February 15, 2017
  • The best there is. Nothing more can be said. Dr. Goerschler does incredible work. Most chiropractors spend 10 minutes max working on you. Dr. Goerschler will spend 30-45 minutes depending on your issues. He saved me from neck surgery.

    Porgie Georgie Avatar Porgie Georgie
    May 3, 2022

    I started going to Inertia back in mid October because of a neck and lower back injury, hoping to get back some sort of quality of life, pain free!! I started working with Dr. Seyller received breathing exercises and stretches to improve the areas that were causing pain and difficulties of doing everything days. With the training and exercises she gave me to do, I was starting to feel better within the first 2 weeks. After a month (4 visits) I was able to do simple things like shop for groceries with out having to lean on the shopping cart and sleep a better night because of the numbness in my right arm I dealt with for years. I'm looking forward to working with Dr. Seyller/Inertia to get back to having a quality of life and be pain free. Thank you Dr. Seyller Regards, Charlie

    Charlie Truax Avatar Charlie Truax
    January 26, 2023
  • Dr. Goerschler is so much more than a chiropractor. He has helped me come back from a career ending injury I experienced in collegiate football to now be stronger both mentally and physically through the diligent care he provided during the entire rehab process. He not only brings a wealth of knowledge from his experience as a chiropractor but as an athlete himself he can relate to what it’s means to recover from injury to help each person fully heal and become stronger post injury. I would recommend him highly for any current or former athlete looking for a chiropractic professional to improve their injury prevention and recovery protocol!

    Artie Checchin Avatar Artie Checchin
    May 11, 2022