30-Day Clean Eating

Team Inertia

Clean Eating Results

Weight Loss

91% of participants experienced significant weight loss in the 30-Day Clean Eating Program.

Decrease in Aches & Pains

73% of participants decreased their daily aches and pains in the 30-Day Clean Eating Program.

Increased Energy

82% of participants experienced increased energy in the 30-Day Clean Eating Program.

Improved Water Consumption

92% of participants will continue to drink more water throughout their day as a result of the 30-Day Clean Eating Program.

Average weight loss

10 pounds

“It is amazing how good I feel. I lost over 10 pounds, gained more energy, established healthier habits and don’t feel achy when I wake up. Can’t believe all this can be accomplished in 30 days!”

Participant Learnings

Most 30-Day Clean Eating participants learned a lot about their own eating habits and realized many of the positive changes they made in this 30 days of clean eating.  

  • Drinking more water helped to curb cravings throughout the day
  • Sugar does NOT increase energy levels
  • People realize they tend to eat out of habit vs hunger
  • Felt they did not need as much coffee to have good energy levels
  • Some lost cravings for normal cheat meals at the end of the 30 days
  • Energy levels have a strong relationship with what you eat!