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Pregnant marathon hero

Training for the (Pregnancy) Marathon

Labor and delivery are truly a marathon. I think most people can appreciate this, but I don’t think people realize just how true this is. It requires a large amount of preparation, both mentally and...
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Principles for Pain-Free Running

Lunge Before You Run Most running injuries come from a lack of strength/stability, not an issue with endurance. We benchmark the ability to do a strong, stable, front-loaded, forward-walking lunge as a prerequisite for beginning...
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Caring for Yourself Postpartum

After you give birth, you enter a period of transitions. You transition into becoming a mother and a caretaker, your body transitions into milk production, and you have to transition into finding some level of...
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Nutrition During Pregnancy

A Case for Clean Eating During pregnancy, women have a tendency to use their growing bellies as an excuse to eat whatever they want. “Surely I need substantially more than I usually eat, right!?” Or,...
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Best Immune Support Recommendations

There is a sort of helplessness we find ourselves in. In a culture of working harder and doing more, we’re being told the only thing we can do right now is hide.  It’s weird. And...
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Top 3 Causes For Your Knee Pain

It’s spring and your running career, dormant all the winter, has been kicked back into high gear as you prepare for your next half marathon, marathon, or even ultra marathon (100+ miles in one bout). ...
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Stop Blaming Arthritis for Your Pain

There needs to be a giant shift in the way we search for the causes of pain. An arthritis diagnosis is, quite often, useless. If your pain started last week and your x-ray shows 20...
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Swapping average foods for better foods

“Make good food choices.”   It’s a simple directive that can become foggy once you hit the grocery store. With an eye on decreasing your inflammation and leveling out your blood sugar, we’ve assembled a...
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Problem Solving Shin Splints

Shin splints have been known to sideline an athlete for weeks, in some cases months.  Whether you’re a runner, sprinter, or even a fast walker, you or someone you know has suffered the pain of...
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