Swapping average foods for better foods

“Make good food choices.”


It’s a simple directive that can become foggy once you hit the grocery store. With an eye on decreasing your inflammation and leveling out your blood sugar, we’ve assembled a list of things you can begin to swap out tomorrow to help keep you healthy, strong, and pain-free.


In: Lentil-based pasta

Out: Regular pasta

Lentils are a great source of protein and fiber.  Regular pasta generally lacks both of these nutrients and can send your blood sugar soaring.


In: Paleo bread made from almond flower 

Out: Wheat or white bread

Almond flower is a great source of protein and fiber. Regular bread will spike the blood sugar much higher and generally contains little to no fiber.


In: Almond milk or coconut milk 

Out: Milk

Regular cow’s milk is detrimental for a number of reasons. Many milk brands contain growth hormone and antibiotics, which are not good to be constantly bombarding your body with.  Also, milk is naturally pro-inflammatory and increases the amount of mucous your body produces.  Opt for almond or coconut milk.


In: Black bean tortilla chips.

Out: Corn tortilla chips

Regular tortilla chips are made with corn, a crop that is riddled with GMO’s and pesticides.  Instead, opt for organic black bean tortilla chips.  These tend to be higher in protein and fiber.  They also taste great.


In: Steel cut oatmeal

Out: Regular oatmeal

Regular oatmeal has had all of the fiber stripped away to help in the cooking process.  However, steel cut oats contain the whole grain intact, which means there is ample fiber.  Although this may take a bit longer to cook, it is by far the better choice.



In: Pea protein

Out: Whey protein

Many whey proteins on the market tend to be higher in sugar and have been shown to actually spike your insulin.  Also, whey protein is a common cause of stomach and gastrointestinal discomfort.


In: Real sugar

Out: Artificial sweeteners

This may come to a surprise to many, but we would rather see you eat a small amount of real sugar than artificial sweeteners.  There have been many studies done that have shown some pretty concerning effects of artificial sweeteners, from cancer to obesity.


In: Clear liquors

Out: Brown and dark liquors

Darker liquor, like whiskey and rum, has been shown to spike your insulin and blood sugar quite high.  Clear liquors show only a modest spike compared to darker ones.  And if we had to pick a favorite, it’d be tequila because it has the lowest glycemic index of all hard liquors. 


In: Water

Out: Dehydration and hunger

Throughout your day, make sure that you are still drinking a ton of water. Remember, mild dehydration is often mistaken for hunger so stay well hydrated.


In: Coconut oil or avocado oil for cooking

Out: Olive oil

Olive oil has a relatively low smoking point, causing it to denature when it is heated, making it more carcinogenic (read, it promotes cancer).  Avocado oil and coconut oil have higher smoke points, meaning they stay intact while cooking.



In: Almonds, walnuts, and cashews and almond butter

Out: Peanuts and peanut butter

Peanuts are pro-inflammatory legumes that are low in nutrition.  Almonds, cashews, and walnuts on the other hand are full of minerals, protein, fiber, and good healthy fats.


In: Grass-fed red meat

Out: Corn-fed red meat

This is definitely an area where the extra money spent on buying the more expensive red meat is worth it.  Study after study has compared the effects of eating corn-fed and grass-fed red meat and the results are highly in favor of grass-fed meat.  Many of the studies show reduced rates of heart disease and cancer in those eating grass-fed vs grain-fed meat.


In: Organic coffee beans

Out: Regular coffee beans

Another area where spending a bit more cash goes along way is coffee beans.  As a crop, coffee beans are exposed to high amounts of pesticides which can have a number deleterious health effects. Because of this, opt for the organic coffee.


When mulling your options at the grocery store, opt in for these healthier choices. If you have any further questions about what’s best to add to your cart, contact us here.